Constance Billard

Everyone in our school is crazy.


The following was taken from the blog of the anonymous writer, Lady Shiva, who has devoted herself to chronicling all the latest news around CB.

This School is Falling Apart

Hello lovelies! It’s me again, the one, the only, the true Princess of Darkness. I hear all and I see all, and there is so, so much to talk about this time around. But before we get into that, can we talk about how trash our school has become? Dead dogs found in bushes, chairs dumped on the lawn. Since when did Constance Billard become Pennsyltucky High?


Capital J had a freak out moment in class and shouted at the Queen B herself. Why? Who knows, and who cares? I do find myself torn, however, between our hunky exchange student and the Queen of Constance Billard herself… Mmm, decisions decisions! Speaking of, B and L seemed to be having a rather heated conversation with Queen B on the lawn. Most likely trying to score invites to her party, if you ask me. The new kid M apparently made a midnight visit to the nurse’s office, HMMM. T heroically rescued the whole English class from a gas leak, like a sexy fireman, as if he could get any hotter.


yo ls,

I was in English class with T and he was carrying people to safety, he’s so brave. BTW do you happen to know if he’s single?

- lsthrowaway

Dear lsthrowaway,

Please, do you really think I’m one to leak such sensitive information? ;)

dear ladyshiva,

so uh… how come no one is talking about how creepy the school councilor is??? i feel like shes a cop or something interrogating me….

- innocent

Dear “Innocent,”

Talk about paranoid. I get along just fine with our school councilor. Could it be that you’re not as innocent as you claim, reader?

That’s all for today, pets. The next time you hear from me, I will be more than a little hung-over hopefully.

Don’t forget Lady Shiva is watching, xoxo



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