Joshua "Josh" Isegrim

Werewolf Jock


Name: Joshua “Josh” Isegrim
Age: 16
Nationality: German /U.S
Race: Werewolf
Height: 6.29 feet / 1.92m


Josh is a muscular young man with black hair, blue eyes and tan skin who sticks out of most crowds as he is quite tall and broad-shouldered. He loves sports of any kind (which is why he is active in most sports clubs of Constance), is seemingly obsessed with his muscles and can be easily enraged (only partially to blame on his werewolf nature).

Even so on the first lock a stereotypical jock Josh is actually a quite decend person when people get to know him better – certainly not the smartest pickle in the barrel, but very brave and loyal towards his friends. He likes to challenge others to competitions and motivate them to be more physicly active. He can become sulky around people who are smarter than him and for some reasons behaves very awkward around girls (wink wink, notch notch).

When he is really, really angry Josh – like all of his kind – turns into his werewolf form. Even so he is still aware of what he’s doing and is even able to talk and comprehend language, it is easy to succum to his primal instincts and go berserk in this state. Especially during full moon he is very vunerable to the influence of his animalistic site, which is why he needs to take special, strong medication to counteract this.


Josh was born i germany in the heart of the famous Black Forest that had been territory of the Isegrim Family Pack for centuries. He is the youngest of Conrad Isegrim’s 10 sons. Only born just a few years later than his brothers he was always the weakest of the bunch, having big problems to prove himself against his older brothers and other relatives of his age, what is especially bad among werewolfs who respect mostly strength.

Having a rough time at home Josh was send by his mother Emily to Constance Billard to gain some confidence around other teenagers of supernatural origin.

Joshua "Josh" Isegrim

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