Macyn Suwattanee

Occult Obsessed Student Class VP


Name: Macyn Suwattanee
Age: 16 1/2 Years Old
Location of Birth: Manhattan, New York
Nationality: Half American / Half Thai
Race: Human?
Height: 5’9"

Theme Song:


Macyn is the youngest and only son of Siam Suwattanee, a well-known famous policy maker and now a corrupted politician in New York, and his wife Faye Meads who is retired primadonna actress. Faye is now a theatre professor at the School of Visuals Arts located in Manhattan where the family currently resides. He has an older sister Katarina who is a professor of foreign policy and international studies at Penn State.

At a young age Macyn found himself enjoying mystery and thriller books. The more he read the more he became intrigued and curious. He enjoyed playing detective around the house and whenever a simple object like a kitchen item went missing, he would tap into his “inner Sherlock Homes” and solve the mystery. His parents and older sister were entertained by his act and continued to applaud him when he found the item that was misplaced in another cabinet. Macyn interacted fairly well with his peers in his age group and became well liked. Despite having copious amounts of friends, he enjoyed being by himself and reading. Reading allowed him to escape every day for a little bit. No matter how stressful his day was he would find time to read. That was the more simpler times…

Middle school mixed with puberty did not treat Macyn well. He was chubby and acne plagued his face. He also wore glasses that made him look like the stereotypical “nerd”. The middle school, he went to, was ruled by the stereotypical hierarchy and Macyn despite being from the same income family as the other kids did not make the cut. He was bullied harshly and he fell into depression and anxiety over how he had to go to school every day. Despite his harsh treatment he found a protective circle of friends who he could escape to when the bullies were after him. He was welcomed into their hide out which was the school roof. Every day Macyn would run away from the bullies and hide there. The bullies and “cool kids” did not dare go up to the school roof because that was where the “punk” and “emo” kids hung out. There were rumors that some of the preppy kids were stabbed. Some claimed to have been possessed or cursed. Regardless the top of the roof was the safe zone for Macyn. Not before long Macyn became part of the circle until his graduation.

However something strange happened the night of Mara’s graduation party. Most of the group who he had hung out with arrived in a joyous mood. There was cheap alcohol and cigarettes there. Macyn tried a bit of alcohol however he did not like the taste and he refused to smoke. As the night progressively got later one member of the group decided to bring up a game called “The Shadow Game”. “The Shadow Game” is just Hide and Seek with the exception that whoever is tagged is possessed by a spirit. All the girl members in the group refused to play however after a while they gave in. Everyone invoked what they thought to believe a spirit and the game began with one of the players claiming he is “the possessed one”. Macyn finding this intriguing decided to find a place that would be hard to catch him. However, that was not the case when whoever was “the possessed one” almost found him. He had to find another place to hide in and he remembered falling asleep.

He awoken the following morning where he tried to desperately look for his friends. No matter how many times he tried to call and text any of them, none of them picked up. He went over to their houses and their parents were starting to get concerned. Not before long Mara’s body was found in the basement of the middle school. Her throat had been ripped out by what the police deemed a serial killer.

He fell into a spiral of insanity desperately searching for his friends. After no clues or signs he began to look up “The Shadow Game” which slowly began to shift to occult. His google searches were now about ghosts, spirits, and the supernatural. His curiosity for occult turned into an obsession and not before long his parents were quite disturbed after discovering his laptop. They took him out of school and sent him to programs in hopes to help him cope with the disappearances and death of his friends. No matter which psychiatric program he was sent to he still dreamed about a black distorted figure ripping out Mara’s throat. Even the medication did not help him and not before long his parents were getting frustrated.

After a few failed conversations his parents decided to send him off to Constance Billard where he would be away from what had happened and hopefully he would be able to move on.

Macyn Suwattanee

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