Thalon Pyrewood

Incubus "Playboy"



Age: 15
Height: 5´11 ft ( 180 Cm )
Weight: 170 ( 77 Kg )
Hair: Black
Eyes: Chestnut
Skin Tone: White
Nationality: American
Birthplace: New York
Year: Freshman

Thalon has a outgoing personality, which makes it easy for him to get friends. He can however be arogant at times. He is kind to everbody he meets. He has a tendency to lie and over exaggerate.

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”
― Bob Marley


Thalon grew up in New York, in a house as the only Incubus was hard. Thalon was the target of many parks, such as; Be Shysya and Fyrelnessa personaly dress up doll, or practice their skill on how to cut hair. His mother never really gave any of her kids much attention, and more ofen left the tree of them to attend her job as lawyer. Thalon had to cook and clean, wicht when you think about it is a good skill to have, but he still hated to do it. When is little sister, Aeziana, came into the picture there were a bit of hope that the unwanted attention, Thalon had gonnten, from his older siblings would become less… it got better, but didnt disappear. Aeziana is his personal favorite sibling, and had an easyer time accepting dressing up in dresses for the tea parties.

His school life was great, dispite the fact what waited at home. He had friends and was the center of attention, he also learned to sing and got a taste for acting. He learned, from a young age that he could get the opposite sex to do things for him, students and teachers. Stangly enough, he had the same sway over a few of the male students and a male teacher as well. Boy was a tough surprise, when his best friend told him he was gay. When the time came to pick a high school he didnt get much of a choice, his mother had already pick one out for him, Constance Billard. Only down side of that was that he had to leave New York, and move to Burkittsville, California. Upside was that he no longer needed to be around his older siblings any more.

Thalon Pyrewood

Constance Billard Faramo