Constance Billard

15 Minutes in the Janitor's closet


The following was taken from the blog of the anonymous writer, Lady Shiva, who has devoted herself to chronicling all the latest news around CB.


Hello lovelies! It’s me, the one and only, the Dark Princess of Constance Billard. It’s the Fall Semester, and it’s looking like it’s going to be a good one. If we can get the damn lights working. All this old money, and our school can’t even afford a good generator?


The one and only T seems to have a couple new admirers. In other words, water is wet. What is interesting was that he and a group of jocks spent an awfully long time searching for emergency flares. HMMM. CB’s own violin prodigy was also there. HMMM. Capital J was seen being all buddy-buddy with the Principal, not the worst person to suck up to (if you can handle talking to someone so two-thousand and late). M, D and I were looking hot as usual playing late night football.


Dear Dark One,

Is it true that T is into nerdy girls? I heard he was talking to that weird girl who’s always doodling in Math, and that one girl who plays those weird games.

- kkrazy

Dear Kkrazy,

I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. You see it’s called “just being nice.” Although I personally don’t believe in it, that seems to be his style. Watch out for that one, guys and gals.

Dear LS,

heeeyyy i think i know who u are “dark princess” ur the weird goth girl who sits bye herself in class arent u lol

- gotu

Dear Gotu,

Nice try. And nice text speak. With all of CB’s AP Eng classes I thought someone here would know how to spell. For shame.

Until next time, don’t forget Lady Shiva is watching.



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